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Charter Date

The Kappa Lambda Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was founded at Winston Salem State University on March 14, 1999 by the band director at the time (Dr. Emory Jones) and 13 gentlemen in the band program. They were known as the “14 SHADES OF THE PSI”.

Charter Line

(The 14 Shades of the Psi)

Spring 1999: The 14 Shades of the Psi - March 14, 1999

00: Dr. Emory E. Jones - "Crown Royal"

1: Emmanuel "EB" Bennett - "TNT"

2: Ramee D. Williams - "M.I.A."

3: Broddrick R. Pender - "FleXXX-Psi"


5: Scott D. Long - "Overtime" 

6: Todd D. Corley - "Overseer"

7: Michael L. McEachin - "Split Per-Ψ-nality"

8: Jock D. Williams - "Chef Sewer-Ψ'd"

9: Richard Bellamy - "Whodini"

10: C. DeWayne "Slim" Propst - "SticKKΨ Fingaz"

11: Adam L. Bradford - "SmoKKΨ"

12: Brent O. Stephens - "Skitz"

13: Darius M. Cureton - "Animaniac" 

14: Vernon J. Bowens, Jr. - "Solo"

We Thank You Charter Line! 




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The Current Active Chapter

On-Campus Advisor/Sponsor: Dr. La'Tika Douthit

Off-Campus Advisor/Sponsor: Brother Jordan Adams

President: Brother Malik Roy

Vice President/Co-Historian: Brother MJ Fields Jr. 

Treasurer: Brother Nysean Barker

Assistant Treasurer: Brother Shammond Norman

Recording Secretary: Brother Demarcus Oglesby

Corresponding Secretary: Brother J.J. Derricott

Historian: Brother Jarodney Brothers

CIGO Rep: Brother Michael Phillips

Fallen Brothers 

(Rest In Paradise)

Brother Marveo Stofford

Spr. 2010 - #8 - "Agent K"

Nov. 28, 1989 - Feb. 21, 2017

Brother Roderick Cameron

Spr. 2015 - #6 - "Lethal InjeKKtion"

Sept. 21, 1995 - Nov. 2, 2017

Brother Adam Bradford

Spr. 1999 - #11 - "SmoKKΨ"

Dec. 27, 1975 - Sept. 20, 2017

You Will Be Forever Missed Brothers, We Love You!

Awards Obtained By Kappa Lambda

2003: President's Recognition Award

        National Early Bird Award

2004: Most Improved Chapter Award

        President's Recognition Award

        SED Fall Area Workshop Host

2005: Chapter Representation Award

        President's Recognition Award

2007: Keynote Speaker Award Winner: Theodis Chunn

        National Chapter Distance Award

2008: SE District Leadership Conference Host

2010: WSSU CIGO Chapter of the Year

2016: WSSU "Who Runs the Yard" Award

       WSSU CIGO Chapter of the Year

Facts about Kappa Lambda

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